Welcome to Man Cave Events LLC., the most trusted resource for all of your tailgate party rental needs in Northeastern US. We are committed to delivering tailgating experiences that remove stress for organizers, are jam packed with head turning amenities and provide great value. Our robust suite of tailgate party packages is designed to provide you with the best options to make your tailgate party a one of a kind experience while staying on budget.

    We have successfully produced tailgates of all sizes, ranging from just 5 guests up to over 200 guests. Nearly 75% of our tailgate parties are customized in some capacity  – nothing is too basic or sophisticated for us to tackle. Don't let our name fool you either...we are proud to say over 50% of our client base is female. We are confident you will quickly learn why so many people have trusted Man Cave Events for their tailgate party rental and planning needs since 2012. 


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    Since 2012, we have successfully produced 150+ tailgate parties; 55+ in 2016. We go the extra mile to make your comfortable in any conditions!

    Tailgating tips, toys, hacks and stories that will change the way you tailgate...without giving away the key to the store.