Cold Weather Tailgating

Cold Weather Tailgate Party Hacks

Going to a tailgate party when it is cold out can seem like more of a chore than a day of fun and enjoyment, especially for those responsible for hosting the cold weather tailgate party. Unfortunately for those in seasonal climates, the sports season has no temperature bounds and if you want to have a tailgate party in November - March, chances are your going to have to battle some cold temperatures.

Hosting a Corporate Tailgate Party

Hosting a Corporate Tailgate Party

Deciding how to entertain your most valued clients, reward top performing team members or hosting a team building outing usually brings you back to the same options over and over again - dinner at top steakhouse, tickets to a game or show. The challenge is, even though these are great, they have been played out and often times not as memorable for those who you are putting on the event for.

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Since 2012, we have successfully produced 150+ tailgate parties; 55+ in 2016. We go the extra mile to make your comfortable in any conditions!

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